What’s this blog about, anyway?

“One couple’s search for unique, bizarre and delicious sites to eat and drink in the mitten-est state of the Union”

The midwest, with its crisscrossing interstate highways and turnpikes, is littered with waffle houses, fast food, and Cracker Barrels.  While we’re all guilty of gorging on a large fry, knocking back a Big Gulp, or a taking down an entire Grand Slam breakfast, there’s something incredibly disappointing about these experiences.  Never once have we sat down at a Big Boy and thought about the interior designer’s choice of lighting, nor do you recommended a Ruby Tuesday to a friend because of their fantastic craft beer selection.

But as we took the time to really look around us, we started to realize something. Some restaurants are different.

In Michigan there are a number of hidden (some more than others) spots for hungry and curious food enthusiasts like ourselves.  These restaurants have unexpected and delicious dishes, chalkboards listing their great selection of beers on tap, and brilliant atmospheres that tie everything together.

Si Quæris Peninsulam Amœnam Circumspice.

Your friends,

Mike and Ashton

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