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So, there may be a time when you find yourself in Detroit after a Tiger’s game or a concert somewhere downtown.  It’s, like, ten minutes till midnight and you’re about to make the unfortunate executive decision to find the closest McDonalds (Woodward and Canfield, fyi).  All seems to be lost, when- wait!  There is hope.  Delicious, Eastern European hope.

On Park Ave between Cass and Woodward, you’ll find a small brick storefront (neighboring the bustling and noticeably more modern Park Bar) with a small, glowing red neon sign.  Congratulations, you’ve just found Bucharest.  The best (and only) Romanian shawarma joint we’ve ever been to.BucharestNeon

A literal hole in the wall, the place is more or less an open kitchen with a register, a small counter that could fit at max three customers and just enough room for a line to start and make its way out the door.

They boast a traditional menu of Romanian and middle eastern fare and although I don’t think curly fries are a native dish to either of those regions, Bucharest’s are renown and really, really good.


Bucharest is unique in the sense that it is affixed to the Park Bar, sharing a cool kind of partnership.  So after you order your schawarma, you’re welcome to go find a seat in the next room at the bar and get a brew to go with your grilled, greasy meal.  This is, of course, exactly what we did.

Visit Bucharest:
2040 Park Avenue  
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 965-3111