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Photo Courtesy of The Union

Let me put it this way – The Clarkston Union is not about “you.”  And sure, you’re probably thinking, why would I want to go to a restaurant that doesn’t make the experience comfortable, personal, and well, all about me?  Because it’s about more than just great food, excellent beer, and great service – it’s about the communal “us.”

Give me a moment to explain.

Atop a small hill, the Union stands the tallest building in downtown Clarkston.  And it’s former occupation?  A church.  One might wonder how a restaurant could succeed in the skeleton of an old church while comfortably combining the buildings past and present identities, but take my word for it.  The Union knows what it’s doing.

Upon arrival, you are thrust into the thick of things as this restaurant is just one large, high ceilinged room, with very vocal wooden floors.  Stained glass windows brightly shine next to the vast bar containing not only an espresso bar, but also houses 35 beers on tap.

Since this is a communal style eating establishment, the tables, small and large, consist mainly of pews where you sit elbow-to-elbow with your party.  Or, if it’s just you and one other, you can expect to enjoy your experience near others just like you, doing the exact same thing.  Whomever it is you arrive with specifically, you end up eating with all.  You create the congregation, the community, the “us.”

Ironically enough, when Mike and I last made our trip to this Mecca of Clarkston, it was nonetheless on a Sunday.  The Union famously holds a Sunday brunch equipped with the best of both their breakfast and lunch dishes.

For drinks, we went for it and tried something new.  We both got Mimosa’s and they were so extremely delicious that we both wanted seconds, but thought better of it.

For meals, we both went with breakfast selections.  For me, the walnut filled french toast, which was an immediate winner.  Mike went with the Heuvos Rancheros, also fantastic.  

Final Thoughts:

  • It’s worth your money and your time.
  • It’s often very busy, so you may have to wait.  However, I think this personally adds to the community environment.
Visit the Union:
54 South Main Street
Clarkston, MI 48346 (248) 620-6100