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There is something rather paradoxical about breakfast. We are constantly bombarded with the idea that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” yet, it seems that breakfast is the meal that is the most dull and drab of all. Coffee, toast, eggs, cereal in any number of bland arrangement all seem to blur together into a meal we would rather look forward to skipping. However, our trip to The French Laundry provided us with a unique and refreshing experience that restored our faith that breakfast can be more than the same ol’ hum drum menu.

Located on a quiet downtown corner, the French Laundry stands welcoming and inviting for guests arriving on foot or by car. It’s quaint outward appearance, with garden seating and ample awning, is juxtaposed with it’s lively interior equipped with both a vast bakery and a full bar. Adorned with bright stained glass windows, mismatched chairs and tables, informative chalk boards (including one with the morning’s headlines), and colorful tile work, The French Laundry’s remarkable setup and design is the perfect setting to enjoy the most important meal of the day.

Thoughts on Drinks: Mike and I arrived at our table and began with typical breakfast beverages. His fresh squeezed orange juice and my cafe au lait, both served in beer glasses, were an enjoyable way to pass the time while we made our breakfast selections. (Both 5/5)

Thoughts on Eats: Settling on the same entree, the Welcome Falvion Vaxsounded too delicious to pass up. The delicious meal of peppered scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, and garlic roasted potatoes was a true 5/5.

Final Thoughts:

  • This place is definitely one you’d want to visit more than once. There is simply so much to try and so much variety in food and drink that I know we’ll more than likely be back.
  • The French Laundry has something for the snob in us all, whether it’s baked goods, wine, or coffee. Delicious!
Visit The French Laundry:
125 W Shiawassee Ave Fenton, MI 48430

(810) 629-8852