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A trip to East Tawas is bound to be filled with beautiful lakeside views and extensive antique shopping, but when you start to get hungry from all that Michigan fun, you may find that pickins are slim. Well, blow me down! Barnacle Bill has got your back!

I don’t know who Bill is, nor do I know why he has such an unappetizing title, but I do know he makes a good plate of fish n’ chips. Cool beard, too.

Hey, we’re not going to say that Barnacle Bills is the best food in Michigan, but for a couple of hungry landlubbers, it did just the trick. The attractive lunch specials drew us in ($5 for a grilled cheese, soup, and a beer?!) But if you’re really a swashbuckling’ lad then you may be hungry enough for the unlimited fish n’ chips. While we only had one plate a piece, it was just what the meal should be – fried, salty and served with a lemon wedge. 

For a bar, Barnacle Bills was really damned friendly. Some towns have coneys or cafes where folks like to relax after work. East Tawas has a maritime-themed bar.  Good for them, we say.

So take a load off from all your shopping and beach-combing with a cup of chowder at Barnacle Bills. Knock back a few beers, play some Keno or a game of pool, and swab the poop deck, ya scurvy dog!

Visit Barnacle Bills of East Tawas:
119 Newman St. East Tawas, MI (986)-362-5701
Or visit Bill’s Facebook page.